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Calendars pack with lots of utilities

Calendar Magic is an easy-to-use pack of calendar utilities that is entertaining, informative, educational, and of equal applicability in the home and in the office.

It supports the following calendars: Full year and individual month Gregorian, Afghan, Armenian, Baha'i, Bangla, Chinese, Coptic, Egyptian, Ethiopic, French Revolutionary, Hebrew, Hindu Lunisolar (3 variants), Hindu Solar, Indian National, Islamic Civil, Julian, Revised Julian, Parsi Fasli, Parsi Kadmi, Parsi Shenshai, Persian (2 variants), Sikh Nanakshahi and Vietnamese calendars.

A user option is provided to choose between displaying/printing calendars showing each week starting on a Monday (in line with the ISO 8601 international standard), on a Sunday for North American users, or on a Saturday for Middle East users.

It supports a month-by-month, side-by-side comparison of any two of the 23 calendar systems listed above. The display remains synchronised as you change day, month and year values in either calendar system being viewed.

Again, users may choose between displaying each month with weeks starting on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday.

It supports date conversions among the 23 calendar systems listed above, plus conversions to Balinese Pawukon, Thai solar, old Hindu Solar, old Hindu Lunisolar and Mayan date formats.

Julian day value, day of week and day of year information is also displayed. For Gregorian dates, many other facts are displayed, such as modified Julian day value, Lilian day value and Rata Die day value, and year related information including Roman numeral form, Dominical Letter(s), Dionysian Period, Julian Period, Golden Number, Solar Number, Roman Indiction and Epact.

Various special days are also recognised (e. g. Halloween), as are modern Olympic years, Commonwealth Games years, European Athletics Championship years, and World Athletic Championship years.

It includes lists of Western Christian festivals, Eastern Orthodox festivals, Hebrew festivals and Islamic festivals for any (Gregorian) year.

In addition, Hindu festivals may be listed for any year in the range 2000 to 2043, Baha'i festivals from 1845 onwards, Buddhist and Chinese festivals from 1645 to 3000, and Sikh Nanakshahi festivals from 1999 onwards.

It has the ability to create, display, update and delete reminders for events (birthdays, anniversaries, meetings etc. ) for "this year", "next year" or "every year".

When Calendar Magic is started up, both visual and audible warnings are given for "imminent" events (those occurring within the next seven days) for which reminders have been set.

In addition, a calendar for any month, in this year or next year, may be displayed with day numbers highlighted in red for those days in the month for which reminders have been set.

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Calendar Magic for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 17.8
  • 3.8
  • (87)
  • Security Status

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    Software downloaded but not install , hang in step 1. Please fix it.........
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